iMathsg is finally BACK on the iPhone/iPad App Store after few months of email exchanges with Apple.
Check out the apps now!!!



We Will Be Back Soon!

Due to delay in administration of the new Apple account, iMathSg apps are temporarily unavailable on App Store.
Please be patient and we will be back very soon!

Apple, please speed up as your mistake has resulted in a delay of 1 month.

All-in-one! All for the price of one!

This is a FREE upgrade to the ALL-in-One iMathSg app! All existing iMathSg apps for the price of 1!!!

This upgrade covers these topics now :
1. Graphs
2. Pythagoras' Theorem
3. Quadratic Equations

This offer marks the birth of iMathSg - Secondary Remix which is a compilation of all existing iMathSg apps! New popular topics for students in the Secondary level (13-16 years old) will be added in future too.

Important note :
All existing iMathSg apps
1. iMathSg - Graphs
2. iMathSg - Pythagoras' Theorem
3. iMathSg - Quadratic Equations
will be decommissioned as a result and future enhancement and new topics will be applicable to iMathSg - Secondary Remix only.
This reward is to facilitate the change of Apple developer account name and to show appreciation to all customers who have supported iMathSg.

Merry Christmas and thank you for supporting iMathSg.

iMathSg Secondary Remix - Coming Soon!

Coming very soon to App Store!!! iMathSg Secondary Remix compiles all the previously released topics into ONE app. 

The topics include :
  • Pythagoras' Theorem
  • Quadratic Graphs
  • Linear Graphs
  • Quadratic Equations on Word Problems
  • Simultaneous Equations (NEW!!!)
As the name suggests, these topics are suitable and beneficial to students in the Secondary schools (Age 13-17).

With the introduction of version 4.2, iMathSg apps can also run in iPads. iMathSg has plans to launch iPad version next year. iPad version will have a different look and feel. Feel free to drop us a mail to suggest new features/ideas.

Great news for existing iMathSg users!
We would like to offer iMathSg Secondary Remix Free to the first 50 customers who can prove that they have purchased iMathSg apps.
You can simple forward us the email receipt from iTunes Store or a screen shot from your iPhone.
Please note that the redemption codes can only be used in the U.S. iTunes Store. Hence you need to have an US registered account to redeem the free app.

Lastly, iMathSg would like to wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Scribble on iMathSg!

You can scribble on iMathSg apps now! 

Tap on pencil button to enable scribble feature.
Write your workings on the iPhone, space is very limited though.
Tap on circle button to switch to eraser mode.
Tap on circle button again to clear screen from scribble. 

iMathSg Lite has more now! Quadratic Equations on Maths Problems is on sale now!

Greetings to all users of iMathSg. Please continue to send us your feedback and comments to help us improve and serve you better. Thank you.

iMathSg Lite has been enhanced to extract tutorials from all topics :
  • Pythagoras' Theorem
  • Linear Graphs
  • Quadratic Graphs
  • Quadratic Equations on Word Problems (latest topic)
Each topic is accompanied to 2 to 6 exercises.
New sets of exercises on Pythagoras' Theorem and Quadratic Equations are generated after all exercises are completed and graded.
There are a total of 3 random sets.

Each exercise is tagged with the level of difficulty.

Lastly, check out the latest addition to the iMathSg family : Quadratic Equations on Word Problems (to be released today).