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Room for Improvement

A big thank you to Irene from Straits Times for featuring iMathSg and everyone who has downloaded iMathSg apps. The apps are not perfect and there is definitely room for improvement.
Hence please feel free to drop us a mail at or simply post your comments in this blog.
We take all feedback seriously and will try our best to enhance the apps to satisfy majority of the users :)

I would like to take this opportunity to address a review by meitunes.
First of all, thank you for effort in writing the review.
  1. May I know if the apps are giving problems to anyone with non-OS4 iPhones?
  2. There are 4 sets of 25 questions. At the end of each exercise, users will be rated on a 5 star scale based on 25 answers. After completing each exercise, a brand new set of questions will be presented to the users.
    Hence there are about 100 questions in iMathSg - Pythagoras' Theorem.
    I took more than an hour to complete my first set of questions. I admit I am rusty and slow :P
    The questions get difficult progressively.
    May I know how many stars did you obtain? and how long did you take?
  3. Font size was our initial concern. We conducted market surveys and concluded with this font size. We will definitely improve the readability and update the apps soon. Thank you for highlighting this.
    In addition, you can view a larger version of ALL the figures/diagrams when you rotate your iPhone. This has been highlighted at the beginning of the tutorial.
  4. The apps are divided into 4 sections : 1. About Miss Loh 2. Tutorial 3. Exercise 4. Settings/Hint page. There are definitely more than 13 pages.
  5. Lastly, email address is still No one has problem with this email so far and we have responded all queries within 1 day.
Hope that we have answered most of your doubts and you will continue to enjoy iMathSg.

What it should have been: [Pythagoras' Theorem] resolved in version 1.2.1 ✔
Exercise 3:
area should be 74.4cm² instead of 73.7cm² if length of the base of the triangle is 2.2cm.

Exercise 7: hint should be OG² = DG² + DO².

We are currently upgrading the apps to run in iPads.

Thank you. 

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