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imathsg's Journal

iMathSg - The Future Classroom
18 September
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LOH CHENG YEE = 30 years of teaching Mathematics in Singapore
+ 20 years of experience with Maths Olympiad
+ 20 years of experience in exam paper consultation.
+ 10,000 students from Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and China
+ 100,000 readers x (5 Mathematics school textbooks + 14 workbooks used by schools worldwide).

LOH CHENG YEE. Sounds familiar?
Please take a look at your Mathematics textbook or workbook and
YES! you will realize that Loh Cheng Yee is the author of many Mathematics books that are popularly used by schools in the UNITED STATES, ASIAN and COMMONWEALTH COUNTRIES.

Fancy attending school with just an iPhone in your pocket?
iMathSg is creatively designed to provide students an interactive and fun learning experience on Mathematics. Content is cleverly written by the creative Loh Cheng Yee who emphasizes on
1. Important and precise notes on Mathematics topics.
2. Clear and informative examples.
3. Original and useful exercises.
Loh Cheng Yee has diligently taught for 30 years, primarily in Singapore schools. She specializes in Mathematics topics that are targeted at children aged between 10 to 18.
Built on decades of rich experiences, iMathSg is definitely a must-have self-learning application!

*FEATURES of iMathSg
1. Soothing and user-friendly design.
2. Fun and spontaneous sound effects
3. Refreshing and original content which has never been featured in Loh Cheng Yee's books or any other books!
4. Variety of exercises:
a) Multiple choices - select an appropriate answer from a list of buttons with different options.
b) Graph mapping - map a graph to a list of given equations by moving a slider.
c) Fill in the blanks - enter answers with key pads. Answers will be revealed after several attempts which is a configurable number in the settings page.
5. Topics covered include Quadratic Graphs, Linear Graphs (ver 1.1)
6. Provides excellent revision for students preparing for examinations.


Loh Cheng Yee has taught Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Mathematical Olympiad in Catholic High School and The Chinese High School (now known as Hwa Chong Institution) for 18 years.

In The Chinese High School, she was Education Consultant for Mathematics and pioneered the Mathematics Gifted Programme. In addition, she was the teacher-in-charge of the Online Quiz website for the Singapore-Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools in which she was a member of the Question Committee.

An author of numerous books, including
1. Maths D'light for primary schools (age 10 to 12) by Shinglee Publishers Pte Ltd in 1993.
2. Eight assessment books on Elementary Mathematics and six on Additional Mathematics for secondary schools by Singapore Asian Publications and Shinglee Publishers Pte Ltd from 1977 to 2007.
3. Four school text books on Elementary Mathematics (Sec 1 to 4, age 13 to 17) and one on Additional Mathematics (Sec 3 & 4, age 15 to 17) by Shinglee Publishers Pte Ltd in 2007.
4. Challenge Your Brain GEP and MATH Olympiad Questions 1 (Pri 3 to 4, age 9 to 10) by Shinglee Publishers Pte Ltd in 2010
5. Challenge Your Brain GEP and MATH Olympiad Questions 2 (Pri 4 to 5, age 10 to 11) by Shinglee Publishers Pte Ltd in 2010

The assessment books and text books are used by some schools in USA and Commonwealth Countries.

In addition, Loh Cheng Yee was the setter of the Mathematics papers for the People’s Republic of China-Scholarship Selection Test, an important local government examination and Overseas Scholarship Selection Test. She has also conducted Mathematical Olympiad Workshops for primary and secondary Mathematics teachers in Malaysia and Brunei and Mathematical Olympiad courses in the following top schools :

Singapore: Methodist Girls’ School, Commonwealth Secondary School, Crescent Girls’ School, CHIJ Secondary School (Toa Payoh), Hwa Chong Institution and Hwa Chong International School.

Overseas: Shanghai-Singapore International School (China) and Singapore Piaget Academy (Indonesia).

We wish to improve and serve you better.
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